There are many options for mapping online. With easier sharing, collaborative working and interactivity, web maps are a great learning tool. All of the maps on this page are web maps.

The maps below were made in ArcGIS Online. These and other similar maps are available on the ESRI Schools Resources site. ESRI's Living Atlas provides a wide range of resources and their StoryMap facility is a very effective way of using maps. Adding layers of data to maps and finding teaching resources is very easy using these facilities.

California's earthquakes
Demographic characteristics
Tees basin land cover

While ESRI is a leading force in online GIS, many other options are available:









There are many others too.


The map below was created in QGIS and uploaded to QGISCloud. Both QGIS and QGISCloud are free to use as they are opensource.

Hurricane Irma, 2017

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